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Hotel na Wierzynka The Na Wierzynka Hotel in Wieliczka is surrounded by tourist attractions that you should consider when planning your stay at our facility. Take a look at our list of the most interesting attractions and plan your vacation today. We invite you to make a reservation and we will gladly happy to help you organize your rest time.

Salt Mine Wieliczka

inscribed in 1978 on the first UNESCO heritage list, is a must-visit place during your stay at the Wierzynka Hotel. It is a tourist attraction perfect for whole families as well as organized groups, especially school trips. It is about 1 kilometer away from the Na Wierzynka Hotel. Wieliczka Salt Mine is about 245 kilometers of hollow corridors on 9 levels, with a maximum depth of 327 meters! This is an exciting journey through the underground salt world, whose history dates back as far as the Middle Ages.

Salt Mine Bochnia

is the oldest mine in Poland, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013. It is only 30 kilometers away from Hotel Na Wierzynka. You can visit the Bochnia Salt Mine in a variety of ways: by taking the natural history route, the historical route, following in the footsteps of the chapels of the Bochnia miners, and even enjoy an underground boat ride. If you want to take extra care of your health, you can also take advantage of an overnight stay 250 meters underground or a stay in a weighing chamber.


the capital of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, attracts with its unique atmosphere and legends, which virtually every child knows. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with a rich history and plenty of tourist attractions. Here you will visit many monuments important to the history of Poland. Among them you will find: the Old Town (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978), the Barbican, St. Florian's Gate, St. Mary's Basilica, the Planty, Wawel Castle and many others.


Mountain Chełm

is a place that should be visited by anyone who loves active outdoor recreation. Hiking the trail to Chełm Mountain will give you plenty of opportunities to admire nature and magnificent mountain scenery. The green trail leading to the destination leads, among other things, along the longest chairlift in Poland. At the summit, adults will be able to admire the beautiful views, while children will enjoy a playground. In addition, you can climb the observation tower and in winter use the ski station.

Ojcow National Park

located about 30 km from Hotel na Wierzynka will attract you with its charm and unusual history. It is here that you will find the ruins of the medieval castle in Ojcow, the Pieskowa Skała Castle, the "On the Water" Chapel. The trails will lead you through the beautiful landscape of the Prądnik Valley with its stunning vegetation and rock formations. In Ojcow National Park there are numerous caves formed by karst phenomena and eye-catching limestone rocks, such as Brama Krakowska, Glover and Maczuga Herkulesa.

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