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Loyalty program

Regulations of the Loyalty Cards Program:

Hotel Na Wierzynka Restaurant Maryla s.c. A.J.Pasek

ul. Wierzynka 9, 32-020 Wieliczka

NIP: 683-16-62-066

tel: 668-031-352

  • Discount - Earning a stamp is valid only for reservations made directly through the hotel - by phone or email.

  • Earning a stamp is equivalent to each consecutive night spent at our hotel,

  • Earning a stamp applies only to one room per night,

  • Payment depending on the offer can be made by credit card or cash at the hotel reception,

  • Discount / Free Breakfast , Free Dinner or 1h stay in the Sauna - must be declared when checking in to the Hotel,

  • Gratis Breakfast / Dinner or 1h Sauna Entrance applies to all persons checked into the room,

  • One-hour Sauna stay - applies to one of three saunas of your choice (Finnish Sauna, Steam Sauna or Infrared Sauna)

  • The card must be shown at the Reception when checking into the facility and stamped with a new one - another stamp,

  • The card is nameless and can be shared with other people.

  • The card has no validity limit - once 10 stamps are used, the card is renewable

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